Dedicated To Create Your Success Story

Dedicated To Create Your Success Story

Roundsquare provides custom solutions for the complete online audience journey.

A custom approach with which we transform your online ambitions to result. Our team of experienced digital specialists and creative designers works daily on the success of client in the region.
As an integrated agency, we offer our clients the complete range of marketing services


Capitalizing real-time interaction to acquire customers and audience in digital world becomes our mandatory prerequisite in designing and implementing our digital practice. We combine technology, digital marketing expertise and state-of-the-art-graphic design to ensure our clients the best possible experience alongside business growth.

Once you’re online, challenges mostly come from making sure your website is seen by your target audience. Putting up a website does not guarantee search engine visibility and that is the most important avenue to drive your business. Our search engine optimization/Marketing approach incorporates custom strategies that have been developed over years of experience in order to drive optimum conversions

Socmed Monitoring

Turning online information into actionable insight is the objective of our social media monitoring practice. We provide web-base monitoring tool for your social media analytics and reporting for your brand. We identify your influencers that drive engagement with your brand. We give you insight and analysis of your customers’ behavior and engagement form social media perspective. We help you improve your business intelligence.

Socmed Management

Managing your social media effectively allow you to get the most out of this powerful channel. Consistently creating and publishing valuable content can help you establish authentic connections with your target audience. We assist our clients to develop their social media strategy, plan to make engagement with target audience and their influencers, as well as respond queries and conversation in multiple channels of social media.

Apps Development

The demand for mobile apps has grown at a phenomenal rate in recent years, fueled by the ever growing use of smartphones. Having a solid mobile application with industry-specific solution of enterprise suite becomes a challenge in competing within this environment. We have extensive experience in creating high performing, digitally transformative and feature-packed native mobile applications for the major mobile platforms.


Our creative team is passionate in pushing the boundaries of visual communication. So at ROUNDSQUARE, we create and promote brands by delivering the image for the entire business; not just logo, print ads, website as separate items. We strive for more than just making something look good, we try to make our work connect with customers on an emotional level. We are story tellers, brand builders, and strategic thinkers.
Book Publishing

Our creative team not only consists of visual communication/ graphic designers, but also team of copywriters that works as news editor in our joint-operating partner’s news outlet. Combining both copywriting and graphic design capabilities, we have been publishing books for our clients in a form of coffee table books, company profile,photo books, etc.

Video Production

Our creative team strive to create powerful still and moving images to reinforce brands and business. We are dedicated to craft visuals that are designed to communicate to the right people at the right time in exactly the right form. WIth our group’s full in-house solutions, we are compelled to optimize our projects with the latest design trends and cutting-edge technology, starting form concept, pre-production, photo/ video production, to post-production.


Addressing the challenges of organization today, demands us to be different in our thinking and approach to visual communication design/ user interface experience design. We thus have a foundational approach for doing great strategy, sprints, solutions, and systems. We strategically decide on what user experiences to build, then design and test prototypes, We consistently measure the user’s experience for smarter solutions, then ensure visual design consistency across every screen.


As media consumption continues to change, so does the importance of cross-device messaging. Achieving the proper mix in today's evolving, multi-channel market, requires experience and expertise to not only understand multi-channel marketing but also seek out the latest technologies and utilizing them to help advance our clients' marketing efforts. This allows us to develop a smarter media strategy for your brand- including cross-channel planning. We connect digital metrics with business metrics for all-around success, and we provide the results via clear and concise digital dashboards. In short, digging deeper and working harder and smarter for our clients creates a special advantage: Fully integrated and precisely targeted "smart media" planning and buying that spreads your brand message and promotes your brand's growth. Roundsquare span of Ad distribution includes, but not limited, to the followings:
Print & Electronic Media

Our team consists of professionals with a longstanding relations with the media. including those in public relations area. We have mutually capitalized our relations with first-tier media in both print and electronic media in Indonesia and the region. In addition, our sister company is a joint operating company with LKBN Antara, the Indonesian state news agency. This enables our clients to expand its span of media placement distribution in both local and international media.

Digital Platform

Roundsquare approach is to blend advertisements with the medium and other identifiable attributes of the audience. It works on making the Ad does not disrupt too much on audience's attention but rather resonates and be contextual with existing user experience. This is only made possible with digital media. Despite SEO and SEM, we also provide solutions for our client to plan and distribute their Ad in various platform available in the digital sphere.


Out-of-home advertising reaches people as they are on the go. Due to the fact that more people are spending less time at home, and are less exposed to traditional media, advertisers are looking for innovative ways to reach this audience during their busy, mobile lives. Roundsquare is in cooperation with a leading regional out-of-home media company, with hundreds of spots strategically located in DKI Jakarta, Medan, Batam, Surabaya and Bali.

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